Reward Points

Earn Points on each purchase made on the website at effective September 24, 2014.  In order to receive rewards points you must log into your account prior to placing your order. Orders must be placed on the website in order to receive reward points.

Receive 1 Point for each dollar you spend.

For Every 50 Points you accumulate they can be redeemed for $1.00 off your purchase.

Accumulate and redeem points for extra savings.

You can keep track of your reward point by signing into your account.  Your current point balance as well as your reward point history can be found under the "My Account" tab at the top of the page.

Reward points are non transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Shipping and sales tax are excluded from the Rewards Program. 

On our website you can exchange your points for gift certificates that are then applied to your next order. Log in to your account, and scroll down on the “My Account” page to the Rewards section. There you can “View Details” or click “Redeem” which takes you directly to the Gift Certificates rewards. Choose which one you have enough points for, and click the “Redeem” button.  You will receive a code via email that you can apply in the ‘Apply Coupon’ box in your cart on your next order.

A list of your Gift Certificates can be found in the "My Account" page.

Effective 8/21/2022  When requesting California Bird Nerds to redeem your Rewards Points the number of points that you would have earned due to the refund will be deducted from your Reward Points.   For example, if you have California Bird Nerds redeem $25 in Rewards Certificate towards your order we will deduct 25 Reward Points from your account.   If you were to redeem the Reward Points yourself and apply the Gift Certificate to your order yourself you would not be receiving these 25 Reward Points.